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Doggie Chop NYC

Welcome To Doggie Chop Nyc

Doggie Chop NYC is
redefining prey model raw (PMR) food with its locally sourced small-batch
ultra-premium PMR dog food. The brand recognizes that many pet parents are
unaware of the benefits their dogs will receive when they switch to raw food.
Canines are carnivores, and although mass-produced pet foods based on grains
and fillers have been the norm for so long, dogs are born to eat meat. By
supporting the PMR diet, Doggie Chop offers dogs a more natural way of eating
and simultaneously enables them to gain maximum energy.

As Seen In

Inspired by Nature, Informed by Science

Top-quality ingredients, consciously sourced from farms we trust

Recipes formulated under the guidance of veterinary nutritionists to fit your pet’s ancestral diet

Minimally processed meals to preserve the bioavailability of vital nutrients

How Doggie Chop Works


We get our meat delivery


We grind all day and pack


We freeze the meat all day


We pack and ship our delicious Doggie Chop


It's delivered right to your door

Farm to Food Bowl

Shared Love

We have been usuing Doggie Chop for over a year now and your dog's coat looks amazing!

- Lauri K.

I switched from the store brand raw to Doggie Chop and I'm happy I'm happy I did. Doggie Chop looks like real meat. Not that grey lookin patty.

- Joanne P.

Michael, the owner of Doggie Chop is always there when we need him. Best customer service!

- John V.

Having the food delivered right to my door make it super continent. The quality is the best my pup ever had.

- David G.