Doggie Chop N.Y.C. Raw Meat Diets 

Doggie Chop N.Y.C. is always pleased to personally answer your questions and to talk to other dog lovers. For your convenience we have supplied answers to many of the typical questions received from our customers. 

Veterinarians stress that dogs are carnivores. In short, dogs prefer meat. No matter the breed of the dog, the dog’s digestive system is “set up” to digest meat and to derive meat’s nutrients more effectively and efficiently than they can with over-processed commercial diets. When dogs are unable to digest highly processed diets it leads to deficiencies, degenerative diseases and allergic reactions. Our veterinary experts agree that raw food is best for your dog.

Yes, this is completely normal for a dog new to the raw food diet. The reason your dog is pooping less is because most of the food he is now ingesting, is being digested and properly utilized by the body, resulting in less waste. 

When switching a dog over from kibble or canned food to Doggie Chop, the dog’s body may begin the process of expelling toxins and impurities as it adjusts to the consumption of proper nutrients. This process is called detoxification or simply “detox”. Depending on factors such as age, how long they have been fed commercial dog food, or immune system health, detox may last a couple days, one week, one month, several months, or in some cases not even at all. The most common symptoms of detox include vomiting, diarrhea, bad breath and itchy skin. Your dog may seem worse before he gets better; that is normal. This is because he is getting rid of all the built up impurities in his system. Remember to be persistent and know you are going through the transition, which will be the hardest part. Make sure you supply fresh water at all times and lots of love

Yes, this is to be expected. Doggie Chop provides food in its raw, natural state. Raw meat contains moisture and it is low in sodium. Because kibble has had the water removed, dogs constantly have to drink water in an attempt to maintain proper hydration.

The minimum order is just a one week supply. 

Delivery is free anywhere in New York City 5 Boroughs and More. Please refer to our delivery map.

Our drivers are salaried and receive benefits. There is absolutely no need to tip them.  

We compile the orders for the coming week a week ahead of time. In this manner we can reserve and buy the freshest and best premium quality meats available. When the fresh meat arrives at our preparation kitchen, we will hand-cut the meat, portion and freeze it, then deliver it the next designated delivery date for your Borough. For example, if you place your first order on a Tuesday and you live in Manhattan, we will schedule it for delivery the following week. Manhattan deliveries are on Wednesdays.

Note: If you do not live in a doorman building, please specify who is to receive your order. 

The best way to place an order is over our secure, protected site that automatically encrypts your order and credit card information. Everything can be done online. In fact, we find it is more accurate for you to convey your address and delivery instructions in that manner. If you have any questions, please submit them through the website and we will promptly answer your inquiry.  The monthly plan allows you the flexibility of getting debited just once a month. This ensures seamless delivery. Note: If you do not live in a doorman building, please specify who is to receive your order.

Doggie Chop N.Y.C. products will be delivered frozen in a Insulated container and will stay frozen for up to 18 hours. The food will remain frozen no matter how late you work. 

Note: If you do not live in a doorman building, please specify who is to receive your order.

Of course! Thank you for being our customer.  

Note: If you do not live in a doorman building, please specify who is to receive your order.  

No you don’t, but please make sure there is someone who can receive the delivery for you.  

We can set up an account for you and automatically and securely deduct it from  your credit card. 

Please check in with us through this website and our blog for the latest developments. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

You will receive a Doggie Box right to your door containing 7 days worth of single-serve packets. 

Anytime =) 

Our yummy Chops are sourced from Certified Humane farms in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania.  We only use grass-fed and pasture-raised chops. 

Yes, it is perfectly safe to thaw and refreeze the food and does not affect the quality of the product.

Our food stays fresh for 3-4 days in the refrigerator, after it is thawed.

Grains are not a natural food for dogs, even though they are the main ingredient in kibble. It is not something they would eat in the wild. Grains are also one of the major causes of allergies in dogs, as well as flatulence (gas). They are full of carbohydrates which can be easily converted to sugars. Cancer cells feed on sugars and it is believed that by decreasing the amount of carbohydrate in the diet, we may greatly reduce the risk of cancer, which is a growing problem among modern dogs. 

There are several reasons a dog may vomit, and it is up to you to determine why. If the vomit is yellow bile, this means the dog’s stomach is completely empty. Try to feed smaller meals more times a day, since the time period between feedings may be too long for your dog. If the vomit is clear with white foam or mucous, your dog probably drank too fast and again the stomach may be empty. Remove the water temporarily and feed your dog a raw meaty dog treat.

Vomiting is also a symptom of the normal detox process. The vomiting may also be the result of a new food item that does not agree with your dog. And yes, a dog new to a raw diet will occasionally regurgitate his food, and then begin to eat it again. The dog will probably eat more slowly this time, as he “gulped” it the first time. This is completely normal. Occasionally pieces of bone get stuck in the stomach for awhile and do not digest fully, thus the dog eliminates them through vomiting.

Maybe a small snack before bed as well. 

Our food will stay good in the refrigerator for 3-4 days after it is thawed out. Use your best judgment, but remember dogs can handle a lot more bacteria than us, because they have shorter digestive tracts and a higher level of acidity in their digestive juices.

this is a myth. There is no relationship between eating raw meat and wanting to kill animals or people. It has nothing to do with what a dog is fed and has everything to do with natural prey drive, training, and socialization. Dogs are more likely to get aggressive when they are fed an imbalanced diet, because they are uncomfortable and feel ill. That said, dogs can easily distinguish between what is food and what is not.