The Grind


Ground and Minced Meat

Hey Guys, meet Adam! He's Doggie Chop's top grinder.


At Doggie Chop NYC, we source, grind and flash freeze our meats on a daily basis to make sure your pets get the freshest and highest quality meat possible.  We don't add any fillers or vitamins of any sort.  Just 100% human grade muscle meat with fresh offal like hearts, spleen and liver.


We believe it is up to the Doggie parents, to decide what to add to their special pooch's diet.  Some like veggies and others can't look at broccoli, so we leave the customization up to you.  You know best!  Our job is to provide you with the highest quality ground and minced meat on the market for your prize pooch. 


We use fresh trim from Rib Eye to Strip steaks to Filet and more.  We are the only Ultra-Premium raw dog food on the market.  If you don’t believe us, grill up some Doggie Chop and try it yourself!  With a little grilled onion and tomato and you’ll be convinced we’re the Top Chops!