Beef Nibs


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Healthy Dog food

Doggie Chop NYC freeze-dried beef nibs have a real beef taste that drools over your Dog's taste buds! Freeze-dried dog treat is enriched with protein and fiber that helps in better growth of your dog & proudly made in the USA with farm-raised beef which makes your dog healthy and energize

Fueling essential needs

The healthy Dog treats food is a complete meal pouch containing all the valuable nutrients and health benefits of beef. Raw meat helps enhance your Dog's muscles 

Freeze-dried meals

Our efficient freeze-drying process puts all the vitamins and nutrients together. This is easy to store and carry anywhere which makes it ideal for training and snacking. Stays fresh from packaging to bowl of your pet food

Spreading only goodness

The raw dog food is made with quality ingredients from single-sourced whole animal Protein and is gluten-free. Crafted to satisfy your pet's craving for meat and promote vitality and enhance overall health and wellness

Easy to eat

The raw freeze dog treats are lightweight and ideal snacks for pets; can be served with other food with a long shelf life and a convenient resealable pouch which maintain freshness. Your dog will love these.

Bring the

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Made With

Natural Beef 

No Artificial Flavors 

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